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What price would you put on your mobility and independence?

Did you know that over the course of a lifetime it costs an individual with cerebral palsy approximately $921,000 for the equipment, therapy, medical care and lifestyle changes necessary to manage his/ her disability*?

Consider the money that you may spend for your home, your car, vacations, a pool, and even your daily caffeine fix over 20 years; someone with Cerebral Palsy uses that same amount of money just to be able to comfortably live his/ her daily life.

At Footsteps of WNY, we aim to help those with Cerebral Palsy defray these often burdensome costs by providing monetary assistance for the medical equipment, devices and supports needed to improve their mobility.

With this increased mobility comes the ability to do and see things that he or she otherwise would not be able to do or see...To play with neighborhood friends; to get on the school bus for the first time; to make it to class all the way across campus; to stroll confidently into a job interview; to walk down the aisle on the “Big Day”; to spend an afternoon in the park with their children; to play sports; to go shopping; to travel…

 and, what do those things really mean? A better life, a bigger world.

At Footsteps of WNY…the path to a bigger world begins with a single step.